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Child custody and co-parenting

Divorce happens and leaves parents with problems surrounding child custody that can be addressed by a co-parenting plan. Co-parenting is the dream for most California families who are going through a divorce. It is not always possible to end your marriage in a way that is completely mutually beneficial. Rebuilding trust between parents is possible when you work together to create a parenting plan.

What is a co-parenting plan?

A co-parenting plan is created with the support of both parents and aims to keep child custody issues at a minimum. Among the issues to be discussed in the co-parenting plan are visitation rights and education and health care decisions.

A consistent approach to co-parenting

A parenting plan helps to keep both parents on the same page about the life of their children after the divorce. Transitioning to two homes can leave parents feeling their discipline and behavior ideas are being discounted in the other home. Both parents do not need to agree on minor, day-to-day decisions; however, major house rules and codes of conduct should be consistent between both households.

Remove your children from everyday discussions

Divorce can lead to children playing a role in passing messages between parents and spying on one side of the family. Taking a negative attitude toward the other parent and then imparting this to the child can affect the child’s relationship with the other parent. Mutual respect, flexibility and the willingness to give the other parent the benefit of the doubt are crucial for a co-parenting plan to work at its best.

Co-parenting can be a difficult part of a divorce to achieve. Maintaining the respect and support of your divorced spouse will help you bring up your children successfully.