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The importance of a strong co-parenting plan

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Divorce

Parents in California who are divorced or no longer in an unwed romantic relationship need to put their children first. One of the best ways to do that is to create a strong co-parenting plan.

What is a co-parenting plan?

A co-parenting plan is a plan created by parents as a way to share child custody and visitation. The best way to come up with the plan is for parents to work together in a civil, mature and rational manner while putting their children first ahead of their own personal needs. Putting any hard feelings aside is important so that can be achieved.

How can you create a good co-parenting plan?

Always put your children first when you and your ex get together to create a co-parenting plan. Any hard feelings should be put aside. You should always avoid speaking negatively of one another in front of your kids.

Work together calmly and rationally. Avoid arguing in front of your children. If you have any issues you disagree on while in their presence, keep things civil and have an open discussion that is respectful and productive. If you need to have private discussions out of the presence of the kids, make plans to meet privately to talk.

Discuss the issues that concern you the most regarding your children. For example, you and your ex might disagree on the kids’ bedtimes or how to discipline them. You might have conflicting views on these and other matters, but you should discuss them and try to come to a compromise that’s somewhere in the middle. However, remember that when the kids are with you, they might expect one thing, but when they’re with their other parent, they might expect something different.

Both of you should express your love to your children whether together or separately. Explain that you will always be a family and will always be there for them even though you are no longer together.

Keep open communication lines between each other. It’s one of the key aspects of a successful co-parenting plan.

Co-parenting plans can work very well when done right. Keep your kids in mind at all times.