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Dealing with divorce grief

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Divorce

Even in the most amicable of situations, the decision to end a marriage is one that leads to great pain and suffering. Many California divorcees report struggling with the end of their marriage in the same way that they mourn the loss of a loved one. Dealing with divorce grief is not an easy proposition, but it is something that you can do.

Is divorce grief real?

When many people hear the word “grief,” they automatically think about a feeling of loss following a friend’s or family member’s death. However, grief is a natural emotion that follows any kind of loss, including the loss of a marriage.

Grieving the end of a marriage is no different than grieving a family member who passed away. Dealing with the emotional and mental pain is as real as any grief you can face.

Different types of grief

Mental health professionals agree that grief comes in a variety of different forms. For instance, acute grief impacts those who accept some aspects of divorce while still struggling with the emotional turmoil of only seeing their children half the time. Complex grief creates long-lasting issues, including intense mood swings, depression, and other emotional issues.

Healthy processing

While some say you should control your emotions, that’s not technically possible. Instead, you must learn how to deal with those emotions in a healthy way. Joining a support group for divorcees is an excellent option.

You should also be sure to avoid the temptation to self-medicate. Instead, seek professional help from someone who can help you talk through the things you feel.

The end of a marriage is quite similar to the end of a life. As a divorcee, you must say goodbye to the life that you planned on having. Dealing with divorce grief in a healthy manner ensures that you can move into the next chapter of your life the right way.