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Learn the best parenting style in California

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Family Law

Take a minute to reflect on the parenting styles you see regularly. According to research, there are four basic styles, and the chances are that you know at least one person who fits under every type. Research suggests that if you want to be the best parent in California, you will be authoritative.

Permissive parents

Permissive parents earnestly desire to be their child’s best friend. They seldom set rules or are very lax in enforcing them. These parents are willing to talk to their kids about almost any topic but let their offspring decide what they will do. They often easily give in to their children’s desires to avoid conflict.

Neglectful parents

These parents often have low self-esteem and struggle to keep up with everything in their lives, like a divorce. Therefore, they often neglect their parenting duties. These parents seldom set rules because they would have to interact with their children to enforce them. As a result, many children of neglectful parents feel like they raised themselves when they become adults.

Authoritarian parents

These parents tend to set high expectations for their children but could be more responsive to their needs. They often neglect the emotional side of things. Communication is usually a one-way street, with parents giving commands.

Authoritative parents

Authoritative parents have high expectations for their children but are very responsive to their needs. They understand that certain actions have specific consequences and are willing to let their child suffer or celebrate those consequences. They are terrific teachers who ask questions encouraging their children to dig deeper.

Research shows that children raised by authoritative parents are more independent as adults, so if that is not your current parenting style, consider steps you can take to move in that direction.