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The hidden losses associated with divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Divorce

A divorce may result in a significant financial loss whether it is settled through mediation or with the help of a California judge. However, you may find that a divorce results in more than just the loss of a home or bank account. It’s possible that the process of ending your marriage results in the loss of your identity or hope for a positive future.

How divorce changes your sense of self

Ending your marriage may mean that you have to move out of your family home and into an apartment. While there is nothing wrong with downsizing, you may feel as if it represents a major step back in your life. It’s also possible that you have to move in with friends or with your parents, which may make you feel like a failure or as if you have lost your independence. If you share custody of your kids with your spouse, you may also feel as if you have lost your ability to be an effective parent.

Divorce may change your future outlook

Many people see their marriages as something that will last for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, instead of having kids, buying a home and growing old with your best friend, you may experience deep uncertainty and sadness. Although this may be a temporary period in your life, it may alter your views on marriage and relationships.

A sudden loss of income may also change the way you view money and what it means to be financially secure. If you do get into a relationship, you may be more insistent on getting a prenuptial agreement or taking other steps to protect yourself in the event of a future divorce or messy breakup.

Getting divorced may have short and long-term implications for yourself and your children. It may also impact your ability to buy a home, retire or achieve other financial or personal milestones. However, you may be entitled to alimony or other resources to help you maintain a reasonable lifestyle as you attempt to rebuild your life.