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What do you need to know about child support in California?

The decision of child support can be one of the most stressful aspects of a divorce, whether you live in California or elsewhere in the country. Finding a child support agreement that works for everyone can be complex, but ultimately it benefits your children.

How is child support determined in California?

California uses the “income shares model” to allocate child support. Under the income shares model, the court examines your and your spouse’s income. According to the division of financial support, your child should receive the same proportional amount of income from both of you as they would have received if you were still together.

Does child support reduce your chances of public assistance?

Child support assists the custodial parents in paying for everything their child needs. However, in 2013 46.5% of custodial mothers sought some type of public assistance while also receiving child support.

What guidelines do California courts consider when allocating child support?

Typically, California courts consider these principles when determining child support:

• A parent’s priority should be supporting their child.

• Both parents are responsible for supporting the child.

• Children are entitled to share the incomes of both parents.

• Custodial parents can use child support can be used to improve their standard of living.

• Living in California is expensive, and child support must consider that.

• Custodial parents must spend a fair amount of their income and require help from non-custodial parents.

How do courts examine incomes?

Before your child support court date, you and your spouse must fill out an Income and Expense Declaration. You must also provide proof of your income.

California courts consider the child’s well-being first

The child support law in California revolves around the best possible outcome for the child. In certain circumstances, this can result in judgments that seem unfair to parents. In these instances, courts can make adjustments to previous rulings.