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Understanding the most common concerns about child support

If you’re going through a divorce in California, there’s no guarantee that this process goes smoothly. With that in mind, it’s common for more post-divorce-related complications to happen if a divorcing couple has children together. If that’s the case, it can cause lots of child support-related issues. Considering that, here’s more information about common concerns parents have about child support.

Moving to another state

Many divorcing parents prefer to live in the same state. This isn’t for each other’s sake but is more for the child or children they share. With that said, some parents move away to states where their children aren’t. If that’s the case, this parent would still have to make the child support payments they did before moving.

A change in income

Understandably, most parents make child support payments from the income they earn. If a parent who makes child support payments experiences a decrease in income, they might not be able to pay for these expenses. Whenever there’s an income-related change for a parent, a judge must verify this situation. From there, a judge will approve or deny a child support modification.

Refusal to make child support payments

Other concerns about child support arise when a parent decides to stop paying it. Fortunately, courts have ways to ensure a child receives the payments they need. A court can use a parent’s income tax refunds as child support payments. It’s also possible for a court to garnish this person’s wages, place liens on their properties or liquidate their assets.

In closing, there are several common concerns parents can have involving child support. By getting these problems taken care of, you can spend more time as a parent for your child and less time worrying about child support payments.