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Finding a joint custody plan that works for everyone

Joint custody is a concept that leaves plenty of uncertainty for divorced parents. Joint custody isn’t just one type of parenting arrangement, so it doesn’t have a corresponding schedule in California. It’s usually up to the parents to work it out on their own.

The right custody arrangement makes all the difference

If both parents lead busy lives, a flexible joint parenting plan is essential. Start by taking a look at what your main options are and choosing from there.

Alternating weeks is a common custody arrangement, but there are also a few varieties that take this plan and tweak it slightly. This can help to improve the experience for the kids and make everything a bit easier on the parents as well.

Sometimes, alternating weeks will benefit from a visit in the middle of the week as long as this extra visit doesn’t get in the way of the kids’ activities or the schedules of either parent. The idea behind this midweek visit is to avoid the children going an entire week without getting to see one of their parents.

Complicated problems require flexible solutions

Oftentimes when parenting, particularly in complex situations like joint custody, you have to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions. Spending time with your kids might involve a lot of driving them to and from their study groups and extra-curricular events.

The midweek visit may be an opportunity to add an extra meal or activity together. There’s also the option to do alternating weeks with a midweek overnight visit.

Make sure to hear out the opinions of the kids. What they think matters and will have a huge bearing on whether or not it’s a smooth transition. Make sure everybody knows that their voice is important in the matter.

It’s also helpful to consider all your rotation options like 2-2-3 or 3-3-4-4. Finding the rotation that fits into the rhythm of your lives, ensuring the children’s needs are met and both parents are optimally poised to meet them.