How does a parent prepare for child custody mediation?

Child custody hearings could be the most stressful aspect of California divorce proceedings. Both parents might be far apart from one another on visitation and other issues. They might want to turn to mediation, a process that could help them come to an agreement. Going into a mediation meeting prepared seems advisable for anyone hoping for a preferable outcome.

Preparing for child custody mediation

The reason for custody mediation involves addressing differences and disagreements. Preparation likely involves definitively spelling out concerns and issues. A parent might benefit from establishing the current hurdles and what is necessary to agree on a custody arrangement. Someone unable to articulate disagreements may confuse others and make reaching an agreement difficult.

Presenting a thoughtful parenting plan could help the mediation process move along more smoothly. The plan may detail visitation preferences and other matters related to custody. A parent’s plan may reveal details about work schedules and how a specific schedule may benefit both the parent and the child.

Details might count for a lot when putting together a parenting plan. Sparse plans lacking in information might slow down the mediation process or create other problems.

Addressing problems that arise

Mediation might involve addressing sensitive issues, including a parent’s personal troubles. One parent may claim the other is not attentive to the child’s needs. Presenting proof that the parent provides financial support and remains in constant contact with the child could create a portrait of a caring parent who doesn’t shirk responsibilities.

Other issues may come up during child custody negotiations. A parent’s financial situation, safety concerns, the distance from the child’s school, and whether the parent supports social activities may all factor into discussions.

Mediation may require extensive preparation and practice. Those willing to review documents for accuracy and thoroughness could find mediation a less stressful and more positive experience.