What is a postnup?

If you missed the window to sign a prenuptial agreement, you could still create one in California. A postnup is, essentially, the same document as a prenup. The only difference is that you sign it during your marriage instead of before. During your marriage, you may start thinking about signing a postnup for several reasons.

How do you know that you need a postnup?

When people first get married, they typically don’t want to think about signing a prenup. Some couples even assume that it will “curse” their marriage. However, you may start thinking about a postnup after you have been married for a while and realize that there’s always the possibility of divorce. This is your sign to write a postnup, so you don’t have to deal with a stressful, drawn-out divorce.

You may also need a postnup if you’re wealthy or become wealthy during your marriage. When it comes to divorce and high-asset divorce, having a lot of assets could make dissolving your marriage much more stressful and drawn-out. Signing a postnup could prevent your spouse from seizing a large portion of your wealth.

Finally, you may want to sign a postnup if you have children from another marriage. Otherwise, your spouse may be able to seize a large chunk of their inheritance during your divorce. Even if your spouse seems to get along with your children, it’s never safe to assume that he or she will want to share assets with another person’s kids.

How do you sign a postnup?

An attorney could help you write a postnup at virtually any time during your marriage. A postnup allows you to lay out your finances and ensure that you both are on the same page. Even if you never get divorced, a postnup could help you and your spouse build trust in each other.