Common mistakes to avoid when divorcing over 50

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Divorce

Many couples in California get married with hopes of staying together forever. However, as many people know, this doesn’t always happen. With that in mind, divorces are becoming more common for people in their 50s. If you’re spending part of your 50s going through a divorce, taking a few steps can make this process easier than normal. Here are a few mistakes to avoid making.

Hiding assets

It might seem like hiding assets will minimize how much you’ll lose in a divorce. However, doing this is illegal and can result in a perjury or fraud conviction. Instead of trying to hide things, honestly present all of your assets.

Fighting over the house

Most couples in their 50s have lots of things on the line in a divorce. Considering that, one of the most coveted items in a high asset divorce is a house. Getting to keep the house in a divorce might seem like a good idea. However, keeping the house after divorcing also means you’re responsible for the costs that come with it.

Not tracking your expenses

Divorcing after the age of 50 can mean dealing with lots of changes. One of them will often involve how much you spend on expenses going forward. By tracking your expenses, you’ll have a clear idea of how much money you’ll need from month to month. This also helps you avoid falling behind on bills or other important payments.

As you can see, there are mistakes anyone can make. If you need someone to potentially help you navigate your divorce, consider contacting an attorney. Having an attorney on your side can help ensure that the process goes smoothly.