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Common divorce blunders to avoid

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Divorce

Couples who are entering into the divorce process will likely take to the internet to learn more about the road ahead. One of the best things that they can read is information regarding the common blunders that others have made. This will allow California residents to understand what not to do so they don’t end up in a bad financial or emotional state.

Unrealistic lifestyle expectations

One of the biggest assets that is commonly fought over during divorce proceedings is the marital home. While it may allow you to feel more comfortable living in your marital home after a divorce is over, you need to think about the long-term picture. If it took both you and your former spouse’s income to pay for the mortgage payment, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be able to afford the entire home on your own. You need to take a long look when it comes to the lifestyle that you will have after the divorce is completed so that you can choose a settlement agreement that will actually work for you.

Not specifying how costs will be paid for the children

Another big blunder that many divorced people make is not specifying the specific details of how costs are to be handled in the future. You may have agreed upon the fact that one spouse should be responsible for 100% of the medical costs for your children. However, it is very unlikely that that one parent will be the only one taking them to the medical appointment. Sometimes the parent that is not responsible for payment may need to pay for the service and get reimbursed from the other parent. A detailed plan of how this reimbursement should happen and within what time frame can help to settle arguments later down the road.