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Birdnesting: What is it when it comes to divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Family Law

California estranged spouses may want to learn more about the concept of birdnesting, also called nesting, when it comes to child custody in a divorce. This concept may make it easier for children during a time that may have psychological issues.

Birdnesting works for kids

What is birdnesting? According to Psychology Today, this concept means that the kids stay put in the house, while the parents take turns being “on-duty.” This makes it easier for the kids, when it comes to books, uniforms, socks, school activities, and friends. However, it may make somewhat more work for the parents.

Kids feel more secure

At a time of major transition in their lives, the concept of remaining in the home allows children to have more time to adapt to the new life arrangement. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, parents may choose to live, when not on duty, in a completely separate home, in a portion of the same house, or stay with friends or family. What’s important is that the kids have a stable home at this time.

Parents may use nesting temporarily

Since, during a divorce, parents are also going through a lack of stability and myriad changes, this may be a time to work on reconciliation. Nesting is also an option when finances are tight, and two separate homes are not possible, and it provides a temporary measure.

Emotions tone downward

Putting their own emotions aside, as child custody becomes an issue, the divorce may be smoother, as fighting between parents takes places less often. Parents may have an easier time adjusting to being single.