How can a psychologist assist with a custody case?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Divorce

Occasionally, a psychologist might be called to act during a California child custody case. The psychologist’s exact duties can vary, but typically they interview the parents to decide who can offer the child a better standard of living. They might even offer the child to make sure they’re understanding the child’s needs and desires. A psychologist can provide invaluable insights into personalities and the family dynamic.

How can a psychologist assist in child custody cases?

During a child custody and visitation dispute, the psychologist can interview the parents and present their findings to help the judge make a decision. The psychologist might evaluate their personalities, background, living situation and other factors to determine who would make a better parent.

The psychologist might also interview the child so the court can adequately meet their needs. They might ask them about their habits, daily life, friends, relatives and relationship with their parents. This can help the psychologist form a complete picture of the situation without any bias from the parents. Additionally, they might observe the child when they’re at home with their parents to see the family dynamic first-hand.

If they still need more information, the psychologist might interview other people close to the child like teachers, counselors, neighbors, coaches, doctors, family friends and other relatives. Once they’ve gathered enough information, the judge will ultimately make the final decision. Your divorce attorney may help you prepare for an interview if a psychologist has been brought into your case.

How can an attorney help you with child custody disputes?

While the judge has the final say, your performance in court might affect their decision. An attorney could help you show the judge that you’re prepared to give your child a happy life in a safe, healthy environment.