What is custody mediation and why is it useful?

Child custody disputes in California can get heated. If the parents turn against each other, they might do everything in their power to keep the other parent from getting custody of their child. They might resort to personal attacks or false accusations or try to pit the child against their parent. To keep disputes from getting to this point, parents might wish to consider hiring a mediator.

How can a mediator help with child custody battles?

Custody mediation can be an effective way of resolving child custody disputes and coming to an agreement that benefits everyone. During the process, a third party will be hired to act as the mediator. This person will invite both parents to discuss the issue and work to keep the discussions civil.

If the mediation is successful, the parents can save a lot of money in court fees. They might also be more willing to work together so that they can act in their child’s best interests. The mediator may remind them that their child deserves to have a relationship with both parents.

What should you do if your former spouse wants to try mediation?

If your former spouse wants to try child custody mediation, you should provide your response in writing. This can prevent your former spouse from making false statements in court, like claiming that you never responded to their request. You have the right to accept or decline, but if you decline, it may be used against you later.

Can an attorney act as a custody mediator?

An attorney may be able to act as a mediator in child custody disputes. Your attorney may discuss the situation with you privately and then meet up with your former spouse and their attorney to discuss the issue.