An angry ex-spouse can cause chaos

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Divorce

An angry ex-spouse can turn a California divorce upside down and make it into a very stressful event. This is even if one spouse has the best of intentions and wants to settle. However, the anger can motivate one spouse to act out of spite, and that can carry through to the legal process.

One thing that an angry ex-spouse will do frequently is to make false allegations. They can accuse the other spouse of domestic or child abuse. Even if these accusations are false, the authorities will need to take these allegations seriously. One needs to defend these allegations even if they are contrived. The angry ex-spouse can also try to delay the divorce case by either not responding to discovery requests or by subjecting the other party to burdensome document demands.

The person may also resort to spying on the other spouse. They can try to access email accounts and pilfer documents. Or, they may hire a detective or do the spying themselves. Be especially careful about making any type of verbal agreement with this person since they may renege. It is important to stay out of the gutter and take the high road when dealing with this person. No matter how outrageous their behavior, a court may equate both spouses when action is taken to retaliate against the angry ex-spouse.

In these cases, it is absolutely vital to have a divorce attorney. Especially when there are allegations of abuse, one can find themselves subject to the legal process, even if the allegations are not true. The attorney could advise their client on how to use the legal process to protect themselves from this person. Alternatively, the lawyer may give their client advice on how to deal with the ex-spouse in a way that keeps them out of trouble.