Consider different ways to implement a 50-50 split

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Divorce

California parents should consider a different way of thinking when they are contemplating how to effectuate a 50-50 custody agreement. In the past, many parents opted to switch off weeks between their homes. However, experts are now saying that this may not be in the best interests of the children and that parents should think differently.

One of the major issues is that it’s a lot to ask of the children to be apart from one parent for an entire week at a time. It could be difficult for them to learn how to be separate from a parent for that long, causing them separation anxiety. This may be even more difficult for younger children to get used to while they are in the midst of a life change.

Alternating weeks may also be difficult for the parents to accommodate in terms of their work schedule. Having sole responsibility for logistics for an entire week may stretch a parent who needs to earn a living, especially when their employer is not willing to work with them. Moreover, communication between the parents is a must during this time, which is a problem if the parents have a poor relationship. Accordingly, parents should consider a custody schedule where the children switch between the parents’ homes more often within the framework of a 50-50 even split.

This type of child custody schedule may require some dexterity and skill to negotiate between the parties. This may require the assistance of a family law attorney to help with such a negotiation. It might take some effort for both parents to get to a place where they can embrace this type of agreement. However, if they are able to accept a different type of custody split, things will ultimately be better for the children in the long run.