How can you negotiate for spousal support?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Alimony

One of the biggest concerns for California residents in divorce is finances. Now that your marriage is ending, you may fear being unable to make ends meet. Spousal support could be the solution, but you need to know how to negotiate for it.

Be realistic

If you are negotiating spousal support with your spouse, you need to be realistic. Remember that spousal support may be temporary to help you get back on your feet during a divorce. The purpose is to allow you to retain a standard of living at least close to what you enjoyed during your marriage.

The court will review your finances and your spouse’s to determine a fair amount should it be awarded. What you need is compared with what your spouse is able to pay. Ultimately, the court decides on an amount that lets both of you maintain your married standard of living.

Always compromise

Any aspect of divorce can be complex, and spousal support is no exception. When requesting it, you should be willing to compromise. You might want a specific amount, but your spouse might object and claim it’s too high. In that case, negotiating is better than arguing and reflects better on you in the judge’s eyes. The judge could then suggest a slightly lower number to you that you might be more open to considering.

Acknowledge your emotions

It’s all right to acknowledge your emotions during this time. Divorce is always a difficult situation for both spouses, so seeking spousal support may be a sore spot, especially if your spouse didn’t want to end the marriage. Your spouse might even think that asking for spousal support is a personal attack against them or think it unfair that they have such an obligation after you chose to divorce them.

If you need spousal support, negotiating is the fairest and easiest way to seek it. Being civil with your former spouse often helps.